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Specialties - Fitness & Functional Training in Pewaukee

We offer a number of personal training services. One of our specialties is Functional Training.

Our training style is best described as Functional and Purposeful. No matter your goal, we will train your body to be functional and purposeful. What does that mean, you ask?

Yesterday you had a great workout at the gym. You're bench-pressing more weight than ever before, and pulling enough weight on the seated rowing machine to try out for the Olympic sculling team.

Today, you lift a 60-pound suitcase to carry it downstairs -- and throw your back out. What happened? In all likelihood, you're not paying enough attention to the functionality of your fitness. You might be toned, tight, and ready for the beach, but are you ready to lift your toddler out of his car seat or hoist the spring-water bottle onto the dispenser?

For some, the old approach worked - and still does. But some experts say they believe that increasingly, people are turning away from their old gym routine and getting back purposeful and functional fitness.

Purposeful fitness and functional exercise are here to stay. They focus on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine.