1343 E Wisconsin Ave Ste 103/104, Pewaukee, WI 53072

Rates for Fitness Services in Pewaukee


Cost? We have training as low as $20 per session. Please contact us for specific pricing information.

Our Personal Fitness Services:

One on one Training – You will be working with a trainer of your choice on a program designed specifically for your goals. Our one on one Sessions offer scheduling flexibility and specific program design. We offer both 30 and 45 min sessions.

Buddy Training - Have a friend, co-worker, or family member who wants to work out with you? Our buddy training offers the same flexibility and program design as one on one training, but you share the cost with your “Buddy”.

Small Groups - Do you enjoy the comradery and atmosphere of working out with like-minded people? Small group training is 4-6 clients working with one trainer for 45 minutes, allowing the trainer to provide personal modifications for each client. Group training workouts are run as a circuit combining functional strength, core and metabolic cardio training. We have already established groups so you don’t have to create your own.

Other Services:

Check out our Corporate Fitness programs

We also offer Performance Training for teams and individuals.