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The Fitness Team in Pewaukee

Revolution Fitness works to elevate how you feel, look and perform in order to ensure long, healthy lives for everyone.We believe…

  • Our job is to get you to your fitness goals. Your job is to keep coming back.
  • When you are fit and healthy, you are the best version of yourself.
  • Providing time for personal, one-on-one attention is the only way to help you attain your goals, whether it’s a private session or small group training.
  • Our clients deserve world-class service and a welcoming atmosphere when they come to our gym.
  • In providing the quickest, most efficient, most sustainable path to achieving your health goals.
Derek Benz

Derek Benz, Owner, B.S., ACE-CPT, ACE-FN, ACE-WM, ACE-BC

Derek has been helping clients achieve their fitness goals since 2011. He has experience training clients ranging in age from 12 to 95 with goals varying from weight loss to elevated athletic performance. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse with a Bachelor of Science in exercise and sport science. While at La Crosse, Derek competed in cross country and track & field. He also entered into a bodybuilding show and wrote a research study documenting his journey during his last year there. Derek holds personal training, fitness nutrition, weight management and behavior change certifications with the American Council on Exercise (ACE.) He began working at Revolution Fitness in 2011 and became the owner in 2019.
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Will Carroll

Will Carroll, Trainer, B.S., C.S.C.S.

Will has been helping people achieve their fitness goals since 2015, when he began his undergraduate career at Marquette University. He graduated from Marquette in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology and a minor in psychology. Will has spent over three years coaching D1 student athletes of all different sports at Marquette University and has worked with dozens of non-athletes both individually and as groups. His personal fitness background is mainly in powerlifting and bodybuilding and he has years of experience in advanced resistance training programming as well as diet design. Will has held the credential of certified strength and conditioning specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is excited to continue learning and developing his professional skillset in the areas of fitness, nutrition and business.
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Taylor Drees

Taylor Drees, Trainer

Taylor Drees is studying health and fitness through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as architectural engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). Her personal achievements in fitness include losing over 60 pounds two years ago when she changed her habits to have a healthier lifestyle. Taylor's main focus when working out includes resistance and strength training but she loves to explore new training techniques.
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Garrett Steinbrink

Garrett Steinbrink, Trainer

Garrett Steinbrink has been a student in the health and fitness industry for the past five years by attending seminars and conferences, and is currently studying kinesiology–exercise science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Garrett's personal fitness achievements include a weight loss of over 100 pounds during his freshman year of university, and competing in the sport of powerlifting. Additionally, he provides coaching and exercise programming for nationally-qualified collegiate powerlifters. Garrett is especially interested in strength training and physical activity for the general population as a pathway to increasing resilience, self-efficacy and improving general health outcomes. He is excited to marry his two loves of strength performance and overall health to create a more holistic approach to physical activity.
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